The Diners Club

Cocktails, May, 2012 Linda & Bill Hamilton Duffley's Dinner, February, 2013 Joan Ethier & Doug Pearson, June. 2013 June, 2006 Chocolate-Raspberry Truffle Squares, May, 2012 Bev Thompson and Pamela Melko, June. 2013 Mushroom Split Pea Soup, May, 2012 Bell's Dinner, March 2011 Mini-cheesecake, April 2011 Hamilton's dinner 2010 Butterflied Leg of Lamb, March 2011 Jackie Bebb, October, 2013 Grose's, November 2013 Appetizers Hot Crab Dip, February, 2013 Duffley's Dinner, October '13 Ethel & George Vincent-Lambert, June. 2013 Ron Bell & John Patterson, June. 2013 Richard Melko, Stan Wood, Chuck Swanson, and Bill Hamilton Allana Patterson and Keith Thompson, June. 2013 Duck - November. 2013 Karen Hanson, Judy Devereaux, Lynn Grose Ian Smith & Roy Devereaux The Table, June. 2013 May, 2006 Meyers 2010 Christmas party 2012 La Coupole Salad, October '13 Guests at the June Party. 2013 Grilled Feta and Tomato Salad, May 2013 Bebb's, May 2013 
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The Diners Club is a group of couples and singles who enjoy dinner parties, sharing good food, and the opportunity to meet other people in the neighbourhood.

The Club, which is open to residents of Fairwinds and those areas immediately adjacent, has proven to be hugely successful with people new to the area.  Judging from the number of people who have been active in the group since its inception, it continues to be enjoyed by long time residents as well.  Currently there are over seventy members in the group.

If you would like to join or attend one of the dinners on a trial basis, please call one of the Diners' Coordinators identified on the member list.